Our Vision

SpreadKarma™ seeks to be the leading social, volunteering, and crowdfunding platform for the advancement of underserved communities around the globe.

We are creating a new culture of giving. Join an ecosystem of changemakers spreading good karma by advancing underserved communities. 

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Our Mission

We provide exposure, support, and access to funding for projects that create positive social impact in underserved communities.

Our Impact

Our platform helps individuals, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and businesses build stronger communities across the globe.

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Our Competitive Edge

In a market of generic crowdfunding sites filled with scams and untrustworthy campaigns, SpreadKarma contains vetted, trustworthy projects that add real value for the people who need it most. We personally screen our campaigns before allowing them on our site, and we ensure that funds will have a measurable positive impact on underserved communities. And we do it all at a fee that is lower than any of our priced competitors.

Helping You Fundraise

Fundraising can be a daunting task but you are not in this alone. SpreadKarma’s fundraising software allows you to easily create your campaign, share it broadly and manage all of your donations in one place.

Increasing Exposure

Let us highlight your positive cause. Starting a project will help you connect with other changemakers in our ecosystem to bring greater awareness to your campaign.

Meet the SpreadKarma™ Team!

Be an everyday hero in your community. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Our Founder’s Story

My name is Kellie Brown and I am a social entrepreneur and philanthropist who has worked to leverage business partnerships, youth programs and fundraising efforts for underserved communities for over a  decade. During this time I worked tirelessly to meet the needs of Baltimore public school students, their parents and their families. I have come to deeply love these children and their families, and I’m confident that if you spent time with them, so would you. They are some of the strongest, most open-hearted, intuitive and loving people you’ll ever meet. 

I noticed, however, that efforts to serve these bright communities consistently fall short. Social programs consistently struggle to accomplish their objectives and fundraising efforts consistently fail to hit their goals. This happens for two reasons. First and most importantly, these efforts suffer from a lack of exposure. They don’t get the press, attention or excitement they need and deserve. Too often no one knows or sees the great things they are doing, and as a result there is little community involvement. Second, these efforts suffer from a lack of funding. Maybe in part because they don’t have mainstream popularity, tremendous efforts and ingenious ideas wither away due to an inability to secure grants or institutional funding. 

I started SpreadKarma to solve both of those problems. The spirit of harambee, or collective impact, guides SpreadKarma and all that we do. We believe that meaningful change happens when we all as a community begin to nurture our own, take care of our own, love, teach and support our own. Karma is the principle that everything we create eventually comes back to us. When we as a community create more opportunities and invest more of our time and resources into our children and neighborhoods, we as a community will reap the wonderful benefits. 

I formed a team of like-minded changemakers, and together we cemented and manifested, or “karma-lized” this idea. We developed an online fundraising and support platform; SpreadKarma! I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and look forward to seeing it grow. I hope you come to feel a sense of community here, or become inspired to engage a community of your own. I hope this platform awakens the social entrepreneur inside of you, and encourages you to take the next small step to make change for an underserved population. 

Everything in creation eventually returns to its creator. With that in mind, may you create more love, create more support, and create more meaningful change around you. Because when you spread good karma, it enhances us all.

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The SpreadKarma Team



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