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We now have two options for Raising Money!


  • Are short-term
  • Are intended to raise funds for a targeted goal.
  • Have a target deadline and a closing date.
  • Automatically go live in SpreadKarma.

Campaign Funds

  • Are long term.
  • Are intended for causes to raise funds indefinitely.
  • Accept recurring donations.
  • Require a phone or video conference interview before going live on the site.
  • Receive our assistance with setting up and managing donations.

Pricing and Fees

It’s free to sign up and to start a project on SpreadKarma®. Once your campaign is completed however, we deduct 4.5% of funds raised to keep our platform going. This is the lowest platform fee of any priced competitor on the market, and we reinvest our profits into communities that we serve and causes we believe in. In addition to SpreadKarma’s platform fee, our payment processor PayPal also charges its standard processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per donor transaction.

It’s important to understand that PayPal’s processing fee is standard and cannot be avoided on any fundraising platform.

SpreadKarma offers competitive pricing:

Goal: $5000


Fundraising on SpreadKarma® is fast, easy and free to sign up.

Spreading Karma is Simple

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1. Launch Your Campaign

  • Share the unmet need
  • Discuss how you’ll solve it
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Add a picture or video
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2. Share With Your Network

  • Talk about your campaign with EVERYONE
  • Send calls and texts messages
  • Share on social media
  • Get creative; have fun
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3. Manage Donations & Volunteers

  • Thank donors
  • Connect with interested volunteers
  • Withdraw funds
  • Follow through with campaign and rewards
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 “Together, we raised over $12,000 in 8 days!!”

SpreadKarma® is a platform where individuals and groups raise money for a cause by receiving small amounts of money from a large community of people.

I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the
good is collected. When positive things are
made, that returns well. 

- Yannick Noah

Need Help?

Fundraising can be
a daunting task.

You are not in this alone!

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