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a daunting task.

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SpreadKarma™ fundraising experts can help you reach your goal and ultimately help you achieve your mission.

Our fundraising coaches have over 20 years of combined experience in fundraising, marketing, communications, and creative services. Join our community of changemakers and get fundraising coaching.

Here are the benefits of booking a coaching session:

Motivational Partner

We’re a family of changemakers and we want to see you succeed. We’re here to be your coach and cheerleader along the way.

Thought Partner

Two heads are always better than one. Gain expert advice and 1:1 attention for your campaign or fund. Together, we will come up with innovative fundraising strategies.

Accountability Partner

Stay on track with action items that drive real results for you and your project.

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All coaching options come with a fundraising snapshot and 24-hour technical support for your campaign.

Not sure if you need coaching?

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"Olivia Pope Experience"

For the changemaker who may need help taking care of business. Get the Olivia Pope Experience!
Five 1hr co-active coaching sessions throughout your entire campaign. A fundraising coach will:
· Meet 1:1 for five (5) sessions
· Develop fundraising snapshot with tailored recommendations
· Provide proven fundraising strategies
· Create action items for each strategy
· Help develop your campaign rewards
· Hold your hand every step of the way
· Provide expert videography advice for your campaign video
· 24-hour technical support for your campaign

"Mayweather Experience"

For the superstar who just needs the blueprint, direction, and a coach for moral support.

Three 1hr coaching sessions throughout the beginning, middle, and end of your campaign.

· Meet 1:1 for three (3) sessions
· Develop fundraising snapshot with proven recommendations
· 24-hour technical support for your campaign