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The Mental Health Emergency Fund

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The Mental Health Emergency Fund is an initiative of Jessica Smith Media, a brand committed to empowering the community with resources related to the following areas of wellness: mental, spiritual, emotional and financial. The goal of the fund is to provide stipends to applicants who need access to financial resources in order to better take care of their mental wellbeing. Jessica Smith, Founder, is a Baltimore native with over 10 years of experience in service-based organizations. She wears a number of hats, to include: a writer, community builder, mental health advocate, business coach and mindfulness instructor. She received her B.A. in Communication and Philosophy, manga cum laude, from George Mason University and is currently the Vice President of Engagement of the Black Alumni Chapter.

This cause is near and dear to Jessica’s heart because she has firsthand experience of burnout and reaching a mental breaking point. She made the difficult decision to resign from a full-time job in 2018 in order to self-fund a mental health sabbatical by using her personal emergency fund. During her time off work (14 months), she leaned into various support systems to include family, friends, church community, therapy, and classes to hone in on what she wanted to do with her career when she was ready to start working again. Since then, she has written an E-book on this topic, “How to Stretch Your Emergency Fund during a Crisis” which is available on Amazon.

Nearly 114 million jobs have been lost globally since the pandemic and over 60% of Americans don’t have access to at least $1000 in savings. You should care about this cause because it has touched you or your loved one in some form or fashion. You know what it’s like to make the difficult decision between paying a bill or doing something that will pour into yourself. Only 1 in 3 black adults receive mental health treatment who need it. Some statistics from only 3 months into this pandemic showed the following:

-11% of adults severely suicidal
-13% started or increased substance abuse
-26% experienced trauma disorder symptoms
-31% experienced anxiety/ depression symptoms

We cannot do what we’re called to do if we are not fully functioning. Let’s invest in this cause to make sure we thrive together! Thank you!

Application Requirements:

  1. You must live in or near Baltimore City or County. (Exceptions will be considered).
    2. You must fill out an application by July 31st, 2021.
    3. You must use the funds for mental health support.
    4. You must be in financial need/ have less than $1000 in your emergency fund.

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