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Help support 500 vulnerable females in Zimbabwe by providing them access to sanitary pads.




Help provide sanitary napkins Greetings friends ! The Covid 19 pandemic has left many people vulnerable around the world especially in low income developing countries like Zimbabwe . High levels of unemployment and extreme poverty has left many

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women and girls vulnerable . . The lockdown has worsened the situation as large percenatge of the population are informal traders . The prices of saniatry pads are beyond reach for many . Access to clean running water has become a major challange and women are exposed to preventable diseases. Thus i have decided to fundraise to alleviate the plight of

Sanitary Wear for Vulnerable Women & Girls in Zimbabwe

by Sarah Carlsson

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Sarah Carlsson

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The Impact

Access to sanitary wear in Zimbabwe has become a luxury for vulnerable communities. I have identified the need to provide assistance during these trying times. Access to water in Bulawayo the second largest city has become difficult in the past months due to water shortage as a result of a drought that we have experienced over the previous rain season. Our City fathers (Municipality) have resorted to water rationing, this means water will be turned off for 144hrs a week. As a Social Work student passionate by serving the community I am deeply saddened by the situation am kindly requesting donations towards my campaign, my aims are to reach 500 vulnerable females within my community.

Cost Breakdown

Each packet of pads costs approximately $0.60c * 2000packets = $1200. In light of the above, each beneficiary will benefit four packets of pads. I am inviting all potential donors to search on news articles of the situation here and other articles on menstrual hygiene. Please help me alleviate the plight of my fellow girl child in my community. #stopperiodpoverty

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