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Help us make a way, out of no way for the people in need!

Help 4 The Homeless

by Kristina Davis Tags : Help us make a way, out of no way!

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Kristina Davis

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Hello. My name is Tormi Coleman, and I am starting my non- profit called Help 4 The Homeless. This non- profit came from my own personal struggle with being homeless for a period of time. I realized that when you are in that situation, sometimes, if not most of the time it is caused by someone or something else out of your control. For me, upon moving to Los Angeles, my former roommate moved out and left me to pay by myself. I was unable to pay so I had to leave.  Going through finding safe places to eat, bathe, and sleep were a struggle. Also, having to go to work everyday like nothing is happening in your life, caused me the most pain.

That is why I have started this non- profit. I want to help those people who are homeless, or less of a home, so they can worry about their educations and futures; and not where there next meal or resting place will come from. My plan with this money is to get real help for the homeless like mental health sessions, entrepreneurship classes, and financial management training. With these skills, on top of helping people get food and shelter, the homeless population will defiantly decrease.

I just want people who are on the outside looking in to know, never judge a book by its cover. You never know what someone else is going through on a day to day bases. Help us make a way, out of no way for the people in need!

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