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Health & Wellness Program Mission: To educate inner-city youth on prioritizing their health through exercise and nutrition.

Health & Wellness Program

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Our Why:

There is a need in our inner cities for health & wellness programs. They have taken recess and gym out of some schools. Our children are now being introduced to video games, smartphones & computers which will take over the future but this does not fix a big problem in our community that no one is paying attention to it’s actually making it worse. African Americans lead the nation in obesity and also childhood obesity. For the healthy growth of children & adolescents, physical exercise is important. To help children and adolescents develop lifetime habits, a healthy lifestyle must start early in their lives.

Not only is exercise important but the foods we are introducing to our children is the number one key to childhood obesity. Processed foods and processed drinks often have extra salt, fat, and sugar added to enhance their taste. This has affected children’s health by increasing the incidence of overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health problems. It is important to make healthy food choice for your family. Gymratzathletics 6 week health & wellness program mission is to educate the inner city youth on prioritizing their health through nutrition and fitness. As of now we have 4 children in our program but would love to expand it. Age groups will be 5 to 9, 10 to 13, and 14 to 17. 15 slots will be available for each age group.

Program Details

A 6-week program (Sat & Sun)

Learning the importance of being active. Exercise has many benefits for every age group, especially for children & adolescents.

  •  It develops strong bones
  •  The lungs & heart remain healthy
  •  It reduces obesity in children
  •  It can boost your self-esteem and confidence
  •  Exercise lowers the risk of various diseases and Heath issues

A 6-week program consists of 1hr training session (Sat. & Sun.)

  • Boxing
  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • Basic fundamentals
  • Calisthenics

Nutrition (1 hr class)

  • Educate on the importance of healthy eating
  • What to eat and not eat
  • Healthy beverages
  • Improve water intake
  • 4 basic macronutrients Protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats & veggies
  • What each does for our body functions
  • How to read food labels
  • Negative effects of sugar, salt & processed foods to our body
  • Chef will teach how to prep healthy meals
  • Parent Participation to educate parents on the importance of a healthy lifestyle

The Cost Breakdown

  1. $7500 to expand gym space and also add more gym equipment
  2. $2250 for boxing gloves for each kid (incorporate boxing in the physical activities) Teaches self-defense, discipline, endurance,
  3. $2500 for 3 trainers
  4. $900 for youth program athletic t-shirt’s
  5. $100 for graduation certificates teach how to cook healthy foods Supplies
  6. $300 for food costs
  7. $1200 for certified chef fee 125 an hour
  8. $1200 to ent out a kitchen to teach kids how to make healthy foods (twice during the 6-week program
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