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Proposal: Who are we?

We are Generation Forward, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Washington, D.C.  Our organization serves at risk and low-income children and families in several Title 1 School Districts throughout the US. Our work includes providing books, technology, curriculum, and other educational resources to 3rd-6th grade students. The educational resources that we plan to provide our students with will help to improve language arts skills, build successful study habits, and foster healthy social and emotional lifestyles. The student curriculum that we plan on providing includes parent resources that will add value to the entire home. If we are to fulfill our goals of providing the necessary resources to our school communities and neighborhoods, we will be cultivating a better future for all. We look forward to your support.

Annual Black History Month Book Drive

The month of February and the celebration of Black History Month is almost here. Looking at recent events in today’s society, there hasn’t been a better time to promote and express positivity to uplift the Black and Brown community. There is currently an educational crisis happening right now in America. And because of that, our Black History Month Book Drive will play a key role in supporting students around the country. Many people have recognized the issues around literacy, but policy makers have yet to see the issues as massive, systemic, and generational problems. This crisis had plagued our society as our struggling readers then go on to become illiterate adults. According to the national organization “Reading is Fundamental” 34% of children who enter kindergarten lack the basic skills needed to learn how to read. Another 65% of 4th graders read below grade level. This contributes to over 8,000 high school students who drop out of school every single day. In addition, only 37% of high school graduates finish high school as proficient readers. Of all adults in the U.S, 93,000,000 read at or below the basic level needed to successfully contribute to society. Lastly, over 40% of American adults are functionally illiterate.

Why others should also support our Literacy Campaign?

From now until the end of February we will be promoting literacy like never before. Reading is a fundamental skill correlated to success and achievement relating to education, finances, and overall health. However, with a lack of diversity in mainstream literature and without relevant and relatable content, children of color have struggled to achieve. A primary contribution to the achievement gap that exists within the US education system for low performing students (overwhelming children of African American, Hispanic or Latino decent) compared to their White American peers has been the inability for minorities to have adequate representation in classroom environments. Minority students have failed to see themselves or feel included in the narrative, scenarios and curriculum that is systemically delivered through a racially incentive lens. Children at the elementary school level learn about European culture from a biased and traditionally White American historical framework. Therefore, many children of color fail to ever make connections to fully engage in their learning. Often times, these students are unable to have positive experiences in school which results in a lack of pride and confidence.


We hope that you will see the need to support our campaign because of the disconnect in education that has contributed to a lack of success in our urban communities. With this disconnect, students of color have suffered with a lack of participation which had prevented the much-needed academic growth at the elementary school level for a large population of children. Therefore, Generation Forward has handpicked highly effective resources that have diverse curriculum and content, focusing on African American History and culture. This initiative will spark student interests by using literature that students can
see themselves in both literally and figuratively. The goal of
our campaign is to captivate the minds of our elementary aged students by encouraging them with positive and rich academic experiences. In time, building a love for literature will open doors for at-risk students that will lead them down a road of academic achievement.

Annual Black History Month Book Drive

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http://Black History Month Book Drive  As 2021 is underway Generation 4Ward, a Washington D.C based nonprofit organization is taking a stand to fight against racial inequality, and to make a difference in our nation’s classrooms! From now until February 20th join us in supporting the Annual Black History Month book drive, bringing diverse literature, and engaging resources to kids in a few of our major cities in America. For more information on how you can get involved and support this important cause visit www.generation4ward.org today!

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