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In order to bridge the wealth gap on America, it is imperative that the barriers to home ownership be broken down for black home owners. This fund will 100% be offered directly to the chosen participants that are in need of homes and can afford their mortgage payments, therefore building equity. We recognize the need to serve the homeless and the interconnection of numerous other issues, yet the focus here is to use excess wealth and redistribute it to those who have been challenged to collect down payments for a home.


Buying the Block

The real estate will be purchased directly by buyers. The real estate team will assist the buyers throughout the process. Credit repair, first time home buyer classes and community building gatherings will be organized. If the buyer does not yet have the credit needed, the nonprofit will hold the home, until the credit of the buyers is ready to buy the property, at which time it will be offered at the purchasing cost.


Wealth Building

The goal is not only to build financial wealth, but to build a zone of black liberation. A space that will offer green space, healing space, community education and community policing. This will be a close community coming together for the purpose of building multigenerational, multi dimensional WEALTH.

Build Black Wealth

Do you want to own a home? Are you currently paying rent? Are you eager to build equity, and own a place of your own? Do you want to build a reliant community? Please apply here, and speak to our real estate team to access if you would like to be a recipient of the $10,000 gift towards your down payment.

To be eligible:

  • Need to have pod rent for the last 3 years
  • Have a steady job
  • Demonstrate the barrier to home ownership
  • Express the desire to hold householder responsibility and GROW wealth
  • Have a commitment to building community

Read more about home ownership information.

Share Your Wealth

Know your privilege: Particularly white privilege.

1) Know now how your privilege is related to your home ownership.

2) Know the history of the stolen land that you now own.

3) Volunteer with your community & get to know neighbors.

4) Look up how much rent was 10 years ago, what it is today.

a) Who can afford that rent now?

b) How is your neighborhood changing?

c) How do long time neighbors feel about these changes?

5) If you are charging rent find out if it is high, average or low.

a) Aim to keep your rent low, profit margin little.

b) Prioritize housing for those who are long time residents of the community and POC.

6) Offer 10% of your house earnings to BIPOC land ownership fund that aims to bring more equity to real estate.

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