Humanitarians Do It for the People


“It was heartbreaking to see comments on social media like: ‘It snowed, so what.’ But when the weather came everything just seemed to crash down – the power went out, water went out…and we have been dealing with the aftermath ever since then; a lot of people are struggling and suffering.” [Sierra McClain-Henry, Houston resident]

When you’re not in it and haven’t gone through it, some may find it hard to understand what Texans are feeling, processing and enduring right now. A hostile cold blanketed the State, causing a ripple of severe happenings that have threatened millions of lives. After hearing a friend describe it as the Hunger Games, I found myself wrapped with anxiety…and I’m not even there. 

Thankfully, those who live by the “love thy neighbor” creed are quick to offer support and resources when times call for it, whether it’s a man-made crisis or the incomparable Mother Nature. Humanitarians such as Sierra are currently providing direct aid for Houston families in need through the We Got Us Fund:

“The powers that be failed us, but we will not fail one another. This fund is by the people, for the people. We are meeting immediate needs for items such as diapers, wipes, formula, water, and menstrual care supplies. Many households were already struggling due to the pandemic and have been knocked to their knees, not only by this unprecedented weather event, but by the appalling lack of preparation and response by government leaders. We will not wait for them to lend a hand, but will instead pull one another up, as we always have. The full effects of this event will be felt in the coming days, weeks and months and we will do our best to ease what aches as Houston and Texas heals.”

You can follow the relief efforts on Instagram: @sankofamama.

Karmrads, are you looking to get involved in the healing process with our Houston family and to spread some good karma? To support, go to WE GOT US Fund @ Be the change you want to see.