SpreadKarma Launch Party

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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves…

Envision a room overflowing with exhilaration, camaraderie, black excellence, activism, and changemakers. The frequency was Divinely Infectious and had the power to influence change.  

It was A Night of Spreading Love — the official launch of SpreadKarma, a volunteering and crowdfunding platform designed to provide exposure, support and access to funding for projects that create positive social impact in underserved communities. 

Although it may seem more people are feeding hate and negativity than there are folks fueling love, there are the Kellie Browns of the world whose actions reflect the love of people and all things geared toward spreading good karma. 

As an educator and social entrepreneur, Brown – CEO and Founder of SpreadKarma – has witnessed community programs and fundraising efforts consistently fall short due to a lack of exposure, resulting in a shortage of funds. “Karma is the principle that everything we create eventually comes back to us. When we as a community create more opportunities and invest more of our time and resources into our children and neighborhoods, we as a community will reap the wonderful benefits,” says Brown. 

During the launch on October 19th, not only was the room full of love, a total of $2k was raised for @travel_give, @angelcentrekenya, as well as SpreadKarma’s 2019 Changemaker Award recipient Jai Gordon of @gymratzathletics whose mission is to change lives by motivating and educating people to better themselves through health and fitness. “You guys are the first to recognize what I’ve been doing. A lot of people forget about health and wellness in [our] community, so you honoring me was something I will always treasure and appreciate…your vision and foundation is amazing and needed. I will always support SpreadKarma,” said Gordon. 

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, SpreadKarma’s primary goal is to help individuals, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and businesses build stronger communities. Campaigns are screened before being published to ensure that funds WILL have a measurable, positive impact in an underserved community. Like…it’s a w h o l e commitment ya’ll! 

So ask yourself 🡪 when it’s all said and done, what will my dossier reflect? Love, or its opponent??? If you’re about that multiplying-selflessness-and-love-for-others life, drop your thumb on the spreadkarma link to find volunteering opportunities, OR to donate, OR to start a campaign! Be the change you want to see in the world!

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